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Welcome to my practice: Family Wellness with Herbs and Holistic Women's Health

We can integrate your current health regime with botanicals and conventional medicines, or I can work with you to create a complete program made up of diet nutrition and herbal support. I know you'll start to feel better, have more energy, find your comfortable weight and feel engaged with the earth through the conscious use of the plants for healing.

I offer herbal support for the whole family. My specialties are with women, infants, and children. I warmly welcome clients interested in learning more about the healing gifts from the plant kingdom. My goal is to create a total healing experience for you through a collaborative process of education and sharing. I hope that you will choose to engage in this journey, for true healing will depend on your input and participation.

A total healing experience requires time and patience. Whole bodies need whole plants, whole foods, and healthy relationships in safe environments to heal. My philosophy is that total healing doesn't come in the form of a prescription for one pill to take twice a day.

You will discover that total healing is a process that evolves as you heal. It is common for a health plan to change over time. Experiencing total healing will become an empowering experience. It will help you take charge of your health and well-being.

My fee is $125 for the first visit of usually 1.5 hours. Follow up visits  of 30 minutes are $80. I offer a sliding scale. Pay what you are able. I take cards, cash or checks. I do not bill. 

Practice Locations: 
30 Wahlstrom Lane, Jefferson, Ma. 01522  by appointment.

What to expect from a consultation...

  • Review of expectations and scope of practice. Signature of understanding that Hillside Herbals is not intended to be a clinic or function as a replacement of care for that of your doctor.

  • Complete a thorough health history.

  • Review health history. Assess and help you identify your key physical and emotional areas of concern.

  • Choose any lab testing that may shed light on the root cause. Discuss and help you choose herbal supplements and other supportive therapies as desired.

  • Discuss follow-up care i.e., how long you plan to follow your program. 

  • Request an appointment

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    My formal APRN license covers any needed blood work, nutrient, and hormonal testing, and more if we need to dig deeper for the cause.  Call 508-847-8615 for more information.
    WE CAN DO TELEMEDICINE! Or face time by phone. Call for appointment: 508-847-8615

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