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Seeds and bark

Plants are powerful.

I craft my teas and tinctures with deep respect and understanding of the power of herbs. Every ingredient in my teas and tinctures has been mindfully selected. You will not find fillers, flavors, binders, or other unrecognizable chemicals but only what you need: the healing whole herbs that are already here for us. 


Family wellness with herbs

Botanical medicine is for everyone. It is the people's medicine. The diversity of plants is still great enough that I know there are plants that can especially work for you. I often say, "If it's not working for you, then we haven't found the right one!"  When we find the right plant(s), we are often amazed at how well that plant works and is better than any conventional medicine! 
Often, finding the right single herb or blend of herbs is all that we need for healing support.

We can integrate your current health regime with botanicals and conventional medicines, or I can work with you to create a complete program made up of diet nutrition and herbal support. I know you'll start to feel better, have more energy, find your comfortable weight and feel engaged with the earth through the conscious use of the plants for healing.

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